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Quotewerks and ACT - startup Tip

Patricia Egen Consulting Fast TipsI like automating things.  Anything I can do to make life move a little smoother is a plus.  We use Quotewerks and ACT every day and I work off a remote installation.  That means I need to sync regularly to the master database.

In addition, since I prepare quotes often during the day, my typical process is to find the contact in ACT and then open Quotewerks - I have so many windows open that for performance reasons I don't keep Quotewerks open all the time.  In the past, I'd have to click on the sold to tab and click the button to add the current contact. Granted that is not many clicks - but remember my first sentence - I like automating things.

We get pretty busy and I forget to sync Quotewerks when I close it and that makes me reopen it to do the sync.  My process-oriented brain said "there has to be a better way."

Well, enter the magic of startup parameters.  There are several and they are well documented in the Quotewerks manual - which I imagine we are all too busy to take the time to read. Yep, me too.

The syncing thing was bothering me so I researched the parameters and ended up with the following startup shortcut:

C:\Applications\QuoteWerks\qw.exe /u:"username here" /p: /c:1 /sync:"yoursyncnamehere.qsp"

Here's what each piece means:

The /u: is where you fill in your username

The /p: is where you put in your Quotewerks password

The /c:1 tells Quotewerks to bring in the current ACT contact

The /sync:"yoursyncnamehere.qsp" parameter is where you enter the name of your sync profile which you can find under Tools - Options - Synchronization

There are several more parameters you can use to streamline the start up process.  You can read more here:


If you want to read more information about Quotewerks and ACT visit our page here.

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