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How many contacts do you have in Outlook?

outlook folderWorked with a client today about getting their contacts out of Outlook and into ACT. I asked them how many contacts were we talking about. She said she couldn't tell and did I know how to know how many contacts there were when you had many folders?

Many of you already know we are IBM Notes users so I use Outlook only under duress so I told her "I think I know, but I will find out for sure."

I sort of thought you just opened Outlook and the number showed up. Well it doesn't. So, once again Google came to my rescue and I found the solution.  It's a pretty simple one as well and not one I would have thought of.  Thinking other people may have the same question, it became a blog post for this week.

Here's what you do.  Open Outlook and right click on one of the folders.  Then choose PROPERTIES.  One of the radio buttons says "show total number of items."  That was the solution.  The graphic at the start of this blog post shows what it looks like.

Sometimes the answers are so simple. Sometimes.

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