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Make your Linkedin URL "friendlier"

Linkedin is becoming important in the business world.  If you are on Linkedin, you should have a link to your profile on your email signature.  However, the default URL link for a public profile can be rather ugly, with numbers instead of your name or your business name.

It’s  easier to point people to your LinkedIn profile with a customized URL  I have tried to create a standard URL for all my social media locations, including Twitter, Linkedin and Wordpress.

Here's how to get your own custom URL. Open a browser and logon to Linkedin.  Once there, click Profile - Edit Profile on the navigation bar.  Immediately below your picture and details is the Public Profile URL. Click  Edit next to the URL and setup the URL the way you want.

Now you have a link you can share on your website, your email signature and in blog articles.

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