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Quotewerks upgrading their Word Integration

If you use Quotewerks, the awesome quoting software that has integrations with a variety of CRM's including ACT, their printing engine, used to compile and deliver quotes and proposals to clients, is receiving a major upgrade that will be available when their v5.0 Build 5 is released.

In this upcoming release, they've replaced their Word merging code with a solution that does not open up Microsoft Word on the machine performing the merge. This new solution will allow Word merging in the web version of QuoteWerks (coming soon) and as an added bonus this new solution significantly reduces the merging time from 90 seconds down to 5 seconds.

As a quality control measure, they are asking Quotewerks customers to send a copy of their unmerged Microsoft Word layout used for merging to their support team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The support team will then test the layout to ensure it remains compatible with the upgraded integration.

Yet another example of a quality product doing the right thing and updating their software.

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