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CRMAddons Acquisition


Patricia Egen Consulting Acquires CRMAddons Product Suite from Northwoods Software.

Press release date: June 30, 2015

Chattanooga, TN, and Nashua, NH, June 30, 2015 – Patricia Egen Consulting (PEC) today announced the acquisition of CRMAddons from Northwoods Software Corporation.  CRMAddons is a suite of automation tools compatible with the Act! Contact Manager, owned by Swiftpage Act! LLC. The CRMaddons suite includes Sales Automation Manager, Mail Merge and Web Prospect.

Every company needs a way to improve their sales and marketing processes and increase revenue streams. The CRMaddons suite of products provides powerful marketing automation, drip marketing, sales automation, prospect acquisition management and process workflow that work in conjunction with a company’s Act! Database.  Sales Automation Manager handles the automation and drip marketing.  The Web Prospect tool is designed to handle management of leads from webforms, and enables rapid, automated response to new prospects and customers. The Mail Merge tool speeds up the creation and generation of email “blasts”. Additionally, these tools improve staff productivity with efficient management of phone calls, meetings and correspondence.

Patricia Egen is enthusiastic about improvements to office staff productivity: “the acquisition of these excellent tools is a perfect fit for PEC's ongoing efforts to enhance workflow applications within Act! and provide additional functionality to the Act! by Swiftpage CRM application.”

Bob Conti, president of Northwoods Software, agrees: “We are pleased that Patricia Egen Consulting plans to support and continue development for the add-on software that we created for Act! We believe that our former customers will be well served by this transaction. Additionally, this will allow us to focus on developing our leading graphical components.”

About Patricia Egen Consulting:

Patricia Egen Consulting, founded in 1998, is a business consulting firm and developer of popular applications for Act! by Swiftpage including Duplicate Remover Expert and Company Wizard Plus. For more information, visit Patricia Egen Consulting’s website at http://www.egenconsulting.com. For more information on the CRMAddons, visit our detail page on PEC Automation Tools.

About Northwoods Software:

Northwoods Software Corporation continues to develop productivity solutions for software developers via highly visual user interfaces since its founding in 1994. Northwoods’ interactive diagramming components are currently in use by a quarter of the Fortune 100 and innovative companies worldwide. For more information, visit Northwoods at http://www.nwoods.com.

About Swiftpage:

Swiftpage Act! LLC, the maker of Act!, is a leading provider of software and services that guide small businesses to the fastest path toward growth. Founded in 2001 and based in Denver, the company’s growing network of partners, customers, end-users and employees collectively represent Swiftpage Nation, united across the globe.

About Act!

Act! by Swiftpage is the number one bestselling contact and customer manager, helping improve customer relationships for over 25 years. Act! enables users to determine their best next move more easily, then take action faster, so they focus more time doing what matters most: converting leads, retaining customers and growing their businesses. For more information, visit the Act! website at http://www.act.com.


Patricia Egen Patricia Egen Consulting (423)875-2652 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: http://www.egenconsulting.com

Robert Conti Northwoods Software (603) 886-5780 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: http://www.nwoods.com

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