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Sage ACT! 2013 Service Pack 1 now available

Service Pack 1 for Sage ACT! (Pro and Premium) was released yesterday (January 8, 2013).  This release addresses issues that users have requested in Sage ACT! and focuses on staying current with technology trends.

The most significant changes to this release are compatibility updates to fully support the following new platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows SBS 2011
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • IOS 6 for iPhone and iPad

The Social Updates feature, introduced in the original release of Sage ACT! 2013, has been improved to make it easier to associate Contacts in ACT! to their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles and copy and paste data from their profiles into Sage ACT!.

More than 20 high severity and frequently encountered issues (OK, bugs) have been fixed in this release.

This release is expected to be the version downloaded from the Sage ACT! distribution sites as of today for anybody getting a new download of Sage ACT! 2013.  Download links to update the original Sage ACT! 2013 release are in the ACT! KnowledgeBase at www.act.com (see article number 32103) for anybody that wants them.  This article also includes a full list of the fixed issues and full instructions and considerations for installing the update.  The update is expected to be available in the in-client Help/ACT! Update in about 30 days.  Anyone updating should read the KnowledgeBase article completely before performing the update.

We recommend using this new version for any new installs or upgrades to Sage ACT! 2013 because of the support for new technology and the included bug fixes.  At the moment we do not consider it worth the effort to upgrade to the new version if you are already running Sage ACT! 2013 unless you have or are intending to roll out Windows 8 or one of the other platforms mentioned above or are experiencing one of the issues fixed in this version.

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