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Viewing custom dashboards on the Web

I just learned something and thought I'd pass it along to people who are interested in Sage ACT dashboards and viewing them on the web.

Behind the scenes, there is an XML file located in the Tools folder under Program Files that controls what templates are available for building dashboards in Sage ACT.  You can create your own SQL commands and embed them in this file by following the instructions at the top of the XML file.

Ok, so, if you add this SQL statement to the Act.dashboard.datachart.xml file that is located on the ACT for the Web server in the Program files\ACT\ACT for Web\tools folder, and then build a dashboard using that template, that dashboard will be visible on the web.  Here is an example of one of my dashboards shown in Internet Explorer.Sage ACT Dashboard on Web

In order to view it on a client machine, you will need to copy the xml file to any machines that need to view that dashboard on the client side.

Once again, it's the simple things you find out when experimenting.

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