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Warm Calls - Now more than ever

Back in 2018 I blogged about warm calls. Reese, one of my long time customers, and now dear friend, called me recently to check in on us.  That's how he is.  You can always count on a fun call that lifts your spirits. 

While we were chatting he said it's time for another one of the Reese's Southern Wisdom blog posts.  And since he is quite fond of talking about the power of making warm calls - not selling - just checking in - he felt now more than ever this is a vital and necessary requirement to stay in front of your clients.  All of us, worldwide, are struggling with staying solvent and also staying safe and healthy.

While you are sheltering at home is a good time to go through your customer database and pick up the phone. Call your customers and make sure they are OK. They will appreciate the calls. These are not sales calls - they are "warm" touches reaching out to give virtual hugs and letting people know you care.

After you've done this I would be curious to find out what the reactions have been. I bet they have been very comforting to you as well as your customers.  If you have a particularly warm story, post it here as a comment so we can share the warmth and good news. 

Once this unprecedented event is over, your customers are going to remember that you took the time, during a stressful period, to reach out and connect. And isn't keeping the connections strong what it's all about. 

If you want to read my 2018 post on warm calls, check it out here: Using warm calls to keep in front of clients.

We will get through this difficult time, stronger and more wise on how to handle situations like this in the future. Stay safe!

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