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What am I doing this week? Quick lookups with ACT

myweekTraveling for pleasure is an adventure - traveling for work, well, not always as much of an adventure.  I don't keep a  paper calendar anymore.  It's all on the computer or on my smart phone.  Yet, when I head out on a several day trip, I like to keep a paper copy of my details.  When you are on the road and once again either the GPS or your mapping program on the phone has steered you to a dead end, it is nice to have addresses near by.  Even more so it's good to have phone numbers on paper as well, in case, once again, your phone battery died just when you needed it most.

To get ready for my trip, I gather all the hotel, address and phone details, much of which I have recorded on Activity details on my ACT calendar.  I go to the current week calendar and print it using the Plain Paper Selection to landscape with the option to show activity details.

Next I right click on the weekly view and choose Create Lookup.  It then presents me with a list of all contacts that I am meeting with or calling for the week.  I do a right click again and choose Print List.

A couple of quick tricks and a handy lookup make getting ready for my trip fast so I am not trying to scurry around like a mad women as the last moment.  Well, maybe not totally. Grin.

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