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Setting up an Event - some tips to help make it a success

Ever wanted to put together a dog and pony show to demonstrate your services and products? Of course.  Did you think it would take lots of time and money?  You would think that setting this up would probably be a major undertaking that would be a huge time-drain.  I thought so as well.  The first time I had an opportunity to put on a roadshow, I only had a 3 week  advance notice.  At the time, I was very busy and needed to come up with ways to make this happen

Matching data in 2 cells in Excel

Today's quick blog article will talk about a favorite formula string I use time and time again.  If you read my blog, you know I use Excel as my tool of choice for data manipulation. My challenge today was to find and match emails in two columns.  What I wanted to do was weed out emails that were duplicated in both columns.   I used a formula and will explain it below. Let's use the following list as my example: Column A Column B Column C This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Building for growth - or is all we hear are cricketts

[caption id="attachment_1525" align="alignleft" width="300"] When planning a company strategy be prepared for nothing or extremes.[/caption] If you read my blog, you know we work with and support act!, a CRM tool that is going on 26 years old. It's a great product and one I believe in strongly. I can't imagine a company, particularly a small one, trying to survive without a tool like act! Recently, act! was purchased by Swiftpage. Note that I am showing act with a lower case letter - that's by

ACT Client versus Web differences

We get this question so often I thought I'd post a blog article showing the main differences.  ACT for Windows has more options because it runs on the Windows platform.  The web version, being accessed via a browser will have limitations because of the browser interface.  Quite a bit of functionality is in the Web version - it's amazing how much it looks and reacts just like the Windows version.  However, when you understand that you are on a browser it makes sense that

Kicking up Business Intelligence Data in ACT!

Starting with ACT version 2012, you can now create some informative Excel pivot tables using what is called a Star schema.  The data goes after histories and opportunities. Two tables are created.  It’s a bit complicated to set up, but once done you can start to do some sophisticated drill downs in Excel to show history records.  Here’s a screen shot of one pivot table I just created. The one below is using the Opportunities table. Here’s what I was able to produce in

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