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Ransomware on the Rise - Practice Safe Email

Recently we've been hearing about several customers getting hit with ransomware software. This has prompted me to put together a quick blog post warning about this growing trend. First off, here's a definition. Ransomware is software that infects a computer and then locks files making them unreadable. The software then asks for money to unlock the files - hense the name Ransomware. An encryption key is sent back which makes the files available again. The big problem is most antivirus software

Has Microsoft Hijacked your Computer? Here's how to get it back

Microsoft has been aggressive in upgrading computers to Windows 10 - often without you realizing you did give them permission - you just didn't realize you did.  So, if you, like many others, has just recently found you are now on Windows 10 and want to go back here's what you do.   NOTE - this only works for one month after the initial upgrade - so hurry if you want this to be relatively painless. Here's the STEP BY STEP process - it should take you back to where you were

Be careful using "Out of Office" replies

This weekend I sent out an email marketing campaign. My inbox then was flooded with dozens of "Out of Office" emails and it reminded me again why out of office emails are not a good idea. At least, not without careful planning and thought. Here's why. 1. You just sent out a blaring message that you are not home. Before it wasn't a big deal because emails typically came from business users to business users. But that model is changing and these kind of replies can end up on social media sites

Tech Support Scams. Is it really Microsoft calling?

Ok, I'm mad.  This weekend I am getting to spend time, which I didn't have much of, fixing an issue on my mom's computer.  It's not the fixing my mom's computer that has me mad - it's why we have to do it in the first place.  What happened to her is happening to lots of people and that vulnerability is the real topic of this blog article. Here's what happened. We, as I am sure a lot of you are as well, are the tech support for our parents and their computer usage.  

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