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Universal Search on Sage ACT local database not showing data

This situation can result from the Windows Event Log being full. Resolve this using the following steps to set the Event Log to Overwrite. Solution: 1. Close Sage ACT!. 2. To open Task Manager and press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and locate Act.Server.Host.exe andClick End Process. 3. Right click on the My Computer icon and select Manage. 4. Expand Event Viewer. 5. Right click on Applications and select Properties. 6. Change Log File setting to Overwrite events as needed. 7. Click OK to apply the change

Nifty Trick to build complex and lengthy Sage ACT Queries

A customer calls me this week saying they need to create Sage ACT queries and search for up to 600 zipcodes per query. That means entering in the Zipcode query 600+ times.  Wow, that will take a while.  I told him to give me a couple of minutes to dream up something. Here's what I came up with.  I thought I'd share it with everyone in case you have to do this yourself.  It is going to sound a bit complex, but trust me, it isn't really. First off, you may not know this, but

Lumpy mail - getting your marketing material opened

Several years ago I attending a marketing conference and the speaker talked about Lumpy mail.  Getting your message to clients is getting harder and harder so I am rethinking this idea for my own marketing tasks. Ever get an envelope that felt like it had something other than just paper inside?  What did you do?  You opened it, right? Of course you did.  We all love surprises and an envelope that is lumpy - meaning it holds something of interest inside - spurs us to find out

Windows 8 - Question on Linkedin

I asked a question on Linkedin about whether people were moving to Windows 8. Got some interesting answers and thought I would share this link here: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/technology/information-technology/computers-software/TCH_ITS_CMP/1065938-459965

Using SQL commands in Excel - Drilling down into ACT data

Today's blog is about using SQL commands directly in Excel.  I am going after data in Sage ACT, but you can use the same technique to go after a wide variety of data sources that are SQL based. First off, open Excel.  I am showing you screen shots from Excel 2010.  You want to click on the data tab and pick "from other data sources". After choosing From other data sources choose From Data Connection wizard which brings up the following dialog box.  Choose Other

Windows 8 question Linkedin

First off, let me say that asking and ANSWERING questions on Linkedin is a very good thing. I asked a question a few days ago about whether or not people were moving to Windows 8. Got interesting and great answers. I thought I would share them with you. http://www.linkedin.com/answers/technology/information-technology/computers-software/TCH_ITS_CMP/1065938-459965

CSEVENTNOTES Error when creating Lotus Notes Activity

I kept getting this error after upgrading my Lotus Notes to 8.5. Here's how I resolved it - thanks to a search on Google.

There are two options for resolving this issue.

Option A: 1. Open the mail file in Lotus® Domino® Designer. 2. Select Shared Code. 3. Select Script Libraries. 4. Select CSEventNotes and delete it. 5. Replace the design on the mail file.

Option B: 1. Open the user's mail file in Domino Designer. 2. Select Tools. 3. Select Recompile All LotusScript.

Time to ACT!

Several years ago I wrote this blog article and after working with a client recently I figured it was time to post it again.  We went over exactly what was in the post and I thought that would be great to blog about. And I went, duh, I already did. Here it is. Time to ACT. What does that say to you? Time to do what you need to do? Now’s the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country? You get the idea. It means time to do what needs to be done. Ok, Let’s take it to

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