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ACT Client versus Web differences

We get this question so often I thought I'd post a blog article showing the main differences.  ACT for Windows has more options because it runs on the Windows platform.  The web version, being accessed via a browser will have limitations because of the browser interface.  Quite a bit of functionality is in the Web version - it's amazing how much it looks and reacts just like the Windows version.  However, when you understand that you are on a browser it makes sense that

Quick Excel Trick of the week - results not showing in a cell

Ever typed in a formula in a cell and get no results? Me too.   You have checked to ensure Automatic Calculation is turned on.  You have hit F9 to force a recalculation    And it still doesn't show up. This will often happen on spreadsheets that have had data imported or the spreadsheet was created as an extract.  You can try changing the format of the cells in that column but to no avail.  Fear not - there are some techniques to fix this. The one that

Using Google forms - Roll your own surveys

Google Drive is the new "Google Docs" where you can store and share spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, etc.  One of the options I bet you haven't tried or noticed is the ability to create forms.  These forms can be used to capture information that can be sent or stored on a spreadsheet.  Surveys are a good way to demonstrate this capability.  This blog article will get you started. Google Forms can be used to help plan events, send surveys, give students a quiz, or collect other

Tenacity - the art of sticking to your guns.

Tenacity. What a great word. According to Webster, it means "the quality or state of being tenacious." And Tenacious means, according to Webster, yet again, this: a : not easily pulled apart b : tending to adhere or cling especially to another substance c : persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired Yes, indeed a great word. The first time I heard a varient of this word was when an ex IBM rep told me I was very tenacious. What she really meant was I was a

ACT is now part of Swiftpage - Read all About it

Here is the official press release. The sale closed today. ACT is now part of Swiftpage. Awesome news. http://www.swiftpage.com/en-us/about/news/Swiftpage-to-Aquire-Sage-ACT!-and-SalesLogix-businesses.shtml

Tools I love to use every day

All of us have favorite tools we use every day to do our jobs. I own a computer consulting business so a lot of what I do centers around technology - but not all. Looking around at my desktop, both real and virtual, I realized I keep turning to the same products and tools. And I thought it might make a good blog article about what I use to keep productive. Here's my top 10 list of tools I use every day. 1. Google - One of these days I am actually going to keep a log of how many times a day I

ACT Fast Tip Tuesday - Revisiting some old friends

Sometimes it's the little things that matter.  You work with a software program for so long that you "assume" someone else knows the tricks and tips.  Ah, yes, you know what they say about assuming.  Well, it happened again.  While working with a client showing them my Company Wizard Plus add-on for ACT, I did one of my favorite tricks and the client went - "whoa, stop right there - what did you just do."  I had hit Ctrl A to highlight all contacts in the list. &

Swiftpage to buy Sage ACT

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We are super excited about the announcement that Swiftpage, one of our favorite companies, is purchasing Sage ACT.  This is a great  shot in the arm for ACT and we expect to see great things happen from this purchase. Here's a section of their press release from February 15th: "Swiftpage, provider of the leading digital marketing platform for small business, announced it has reached an agreement with The Sage Group plc to acquire the Sage ACT! contact management and Sage SalesLogix

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