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Anne Johnson and Your Software Coach joins Patricia Egen Consulting

Chattanooga, TN, January 8, 2016– Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce that Anne Johnson, President of Your Software Coach, will join us as Assistant Vice President and Director of Business Development. “Anne is an accomplished trainer and consultant with over 30 years of experience in technology and business consulting. Her attention to detail and business savvy along with her charming southern personality blends well with our company and we are thrilled to have her as part

Outlook 2010 only opening in Safe Mode

Fixed this problem for a client and thought I'd post it here in case someone else is experiencing the same thing.

Per Microsoft:

December 8, 2015, update for Outlook 2010 (KB3114409)

After you install this update, Outlook 2010 may start only in safe mode. If this issue occurs, uninstall the update. This update is no longer available now.

Do you practice good CRM?

CRM. What is it? First off, it's an acronym - Customer Relationship Management.  But far beyond that it is a methodology and set of business tools and practices to know your customer.  It helps answer the important questions.  Do they need anything? Are they happy with  what is going on with your services or products? Have you reached out to them recently? Without a CRM process or tool, you are dependent upon people keeping track of things individually which is ok, but it

ACT Premium Mobile error after iPhone update to IOS9

Are you getting this error after updating your iPhone to IOS9  "Act! Premium Mobile . Before you log on, you must change your mobile device's browser settings and enable Javascript..."? You are not alone.  The IOS update changed some Javascript items and it requires a fix on the ACT Premium for Web side to handle this issue.    Here's what you need to do. The fix requires modifying two of the source files for ACT!'s web interface, which  are noted below. &

Black holes and boomerangs - the saga continues

Today, a friend and I were lamenting about getting people to do things and finish projects.  She said didn't I write an article once about this and I said, yes, it was a while ago.  In fact it was 2009. It was on another blog forum so it belongs here as well, based on recent events. This article is a departure from topics I normally write about.  By the way, this topic has been a speech, a magazine article and a discussion group topic.  It's about managing

Start Run - Cool tricks

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There are several Windows tools I use often in my work and there are several functions I need to get to in a hurry.  I used yet another one today and thought it would make a handy blog post. In Windows, clicking Start Run will allow you to type in commands or words that will either invoke the application or show up searches in the left panel.  Recently this has become very handy because I have an aging cat who seeks the heat from my laptop, will lay on the keyboard, and magically

How many contacts do you have in Outlook?

Worked with a client today about getting their contacts out of Outlook and into ACT. I asked them how many contacts were we talking about. She said she couldn't tell and did I know how to know how many contacts there were when you had many folders? Many of you already know we are IBM Notes users so I use Outlook only under duress so I told her "I think I know, but I will find out for sure." I sort of thought you just opened Outlook and the number showed up. Well it doesn't. So, once again

Be careful using "Out of Office" replies

This weekend I sent out an email marketing campaign. My inbox then was flooded with dozens of "Out of Office" emails and it reminded me again why out of office emails are not a good idea. At least, not without careful planning and thought. Here's why. 1. You just sent out a blaring message that you are not home. Before it wasn't a big deal because emails typically came from business users to business users. But that model is changing and these kind of replies can end up on social media sites

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