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Friday Did You Know? Excel to ACT OLEDB failure

One of the cool things you can do with ACT! is pull in data into Excel for nice pivot charts and tables.  However, every once in a while Excel and ACT get a "divorce."  By that I mean they stop talking to each other and you get an error when you attempt to connect to a table in ACT.  Here's our tip to fix this. I just ran into this on my own ACT database and stumbled on a known fix that is actually quite simple.  You remove your ACT password.  Yep.  That simple. &

Having trouble doing an Internet sync with ACT?

Patricia Egen Consulting Fast TipsIt's Fast Tip time.

Are you out of town and having a problem doing an Internet sync with ACT? Some routers will get grumpy with DNS settings or proxies, especially hotels. This will cause the sync to not work. Here's something that might help.

Open a Command prompt - make sure you right click on the Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator. Then, on the prompt, type in the following:

ipconfig /flushdns

This will clear out your computers "brain" and what it remembers as DNS settings.

Friday Did You Know - ACT Follow up Button

Lots of people are enjoying our new Friday did you know so I am asking my staff for ideas to keep this going.  Don said "you know what I use all the time?  The Follow up button when I close an activity." It really is a good button and makes sense.  You just closed an activity - it's probably not the last thing you are doing with the project/client/task so why not create a followup that automatically puts in the existing subject line and all you have to do is pick a date.  It

Friday Did You Know - IOS 8.1 Updates and battery drain

So, those of us with iPhones and Ipads have finally decided it's safe to update our devices to IOS 8.1.  And we realize our batteries don't last half the time they used to. What the heck.No worries.  There is a potential fix.  I found this out on the web doing a Google Search.On either device, go into Settings - General - Reset.  You want to reset all options.You won't lose data - you will lose your passwords for wireless hubs, etc.  But it's so much better re-entering that information than

Friday Did You Know - Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

I use Google Chrome as my browser and so do a lot of my customers.  There are some handy keyboard shortcuts I use all the time - and I thought I'd save the official list here for others as well. Tabs and windows Ctrl+N Open a new window Ctrl+Shift+N Open a new window in incognito mode Ctrl+T Open a new tab Ctrl+O Open a file in the browser Ctrl+Shift+Q (twice) Sign out of your Google Account on Chrome OS Ctrl+W Close the current tab Ctrl+Shift

Friday Did You know - Making Remote Desktop Full Screen

While practicing for my upcoming Virtual Roadshow, I noticed that when I went into Remote Desktop to access my virtual machine, it was not truly going full screen. Well, that was a bummer. I closed the remote desktop session and when I clicked on the Remote Desktop icon to restart it, I decided to click on the Options button to see if I could resolve this issue.  Sure enough, when I clicked on the DISPLAY tab, there was a slider bar that was not all the way to the right.  Once I

Friday Did you Know - Lookup ANY fields in ACT

We're starting a weekly "Friday Did you Know?" blog  that we hope you find helpful.  Sometimes a quick tip that we "assume" everyone knows is not so well known.  It's the classic don't assume action.  Here's this week's post. A really nice trick that has been part of the ACT CRM forever is the ability to search a special group of fields that start with ANY.  What this means is you don't have to remember where the phone number is shown - cell or home or business.  

ACT Premium for Web and Chrome v37

Having issues with some functions when using ACT Premium for the Web from Google Chrome? It's probably because your Chrome was updated to Version 37. In the process of removing some functions inside Chrome, they also disabled one used by ACT Premium for the web. Here's the workaround.

Right click on the icon you use to start Chrome.  You need to add the following paramert to the start line:  --enable-show-modal-dialog

The image below shows how this should look.

v37 Chrome fix for APFW

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