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Groups in ACT - the power of Consolidation

I love creating groups in ACT - or for that matter, in any CRM.  It's a way of consolidating contacts into meaningful relationships.  Examples are christmas lists, prospects, do not call or email, and many others.  A client of mine has a "big spender" group - really.  You know what that one contains - it's his customers that he wants to ensure get TLC treatment. As a contact database grows, it is wise to create groups to make accessing the contacts faster.  If you have

Customer Relationship Tracking - Why it works

Everyone who reads my blog knows by now that we work with Customer Relationship Software.  It's one of the applications in the aresenal of tools used by businesses to increase sales and customer loyalty.  We use it ourselves as well.  When you are a smaller business, you need every trick in the book to stay on target and generate new business. One of the things that happens to everyone, not just small business owners, is we get caught up in the day to day minutia and work that

Patricia Egen Consulting products certified for ACT V16

act! crm logoPatricia Egen Consulting is pleased to announce all our ACT addons are certified and tested to work with ACT V16.  Check out our eStore for more details.  eStore

Open a car with a cell phone - who knew?

Today after my Rotary meeting I witnessed something quite interesting.  One of the members had locked his keys in his car.  He got on his cell phone and called his wife who then clicked on the remote device she had on her key chain, and I'll be darned, it opened his car.  Oh my gosh. So today's nifty lesson is this.  if your car allows remote key-less entry - i.e. you have a clicker to open the door, then you can do the following. When/if  you lock your keys in the car

Moving the Sage ACT Index files from the C Drive

On a lot of Servers hosting ACT, the database lives on a different drive than C.  This is because C drives are typically kept smaller.  However, SQL likes to store things on the C Drive even if you load the database on a different drive.  Included in this are the index files that are generated to provide a method to perform the Universal Search that started in Version 2012 of ACT.  It is possible to move these files to a larger drive.  Here's how.  Follow the

Quick Excel Trick of the week - results not showing in a cell

Ever typed in a formula in a cell and get no results? Me too.   You have checked to ensure Automatic Calculation is turned on.  You have hit F9 to force a recalculation    And it still doesn't show up. This will often happen on spreadsheets that have had data imported or the spreadsheet was created as an extract.  You can try changing the format of the cells in that column but to no avail.  Fear not - there are some techniques to fix this. The one that

ACT is now part of Swiftpage - Read all About it

Here is the official press release. The sale closed today. ACT is now part of Swiftpage. Awesome news. http://www.swiftpage.com/en-us/about/news/Swiftpage-to-Aquire-Sage-ACT!-and-SalesLogix-businesses.shtml

When people don't want to pay for consulting

Once again we are sitting around the business "camp fire" discussing why people think it is not fair when we say we charge for answering questions. We are a consulting firm. That's what we do. The advantage we have over other support numbers is we know the answers quicker so it may take someone 1 hour of waiting on hold for a support person who "may" know the answer when we answer the phone immediately (usually...) and have the answer within 5 to 15 minutes or less. So, they are already ahead of

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