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What's new in Act! v24?

You might be wondering if you should plan an upgrade to Act! v24.  Here are the highlights of this release: New 64-bit Architecture Windows 11,  Office 2019, and SQL 2019 Compatibility Redesigned Office Integration - Act! v24 uses 64-bit integration for Outlook and Word add-ins 200+ priority bug fixes  Check out the full list of items included in v24 at https://help.act.com/s/article/Whats-new-in-Act-v24-prem. Before you rush to upgrade to Act! Premium v24, we want to

Windows 11 is here - should you upgrade?

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In the past few months, you may have been prompted to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. BE CAREFUL, and do your due diligence before you upgrade.   Windows 11 has hardware requirements that older computers may not meet, and some of your software programs may not yet be compatible with this new operating system.  If you are NOT on v24 of Act! Premium/Premium Cloud/Pro, please DO NOT upgrade.  The only versions of Act! that are certified as compatible are v24 Premium or

Act Marketing Automation - Bounce Code Reasons

One of the important things to do after sending out a marketing campaign is to find and fix (if possible) emails that have been reported as bounced.  There are a variety of reasons why emails bounce.  A mailbox can be full.  A person has moved on and the email is no longer valid. The email server you are trying to send to is not live or working anymore.  It is worth while to take the effort to look at these bounced emails - these are not opt outs.  The person you are

Windows 7 - not a place to be

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By now everyone should know that as of early this year, Microsoft dropped support for Windows 7. However, many people still choose to run this operating system because it still works. Here's the deal. Your computer systems are in serious danger of cyber attack if you don't update them soon. In fact, this week the FBI issued a warning about possible security breaches Hackers have a lot of time on their hands right now and they are using it to locate networks and computers running older

Free Act! resources

If you're new to Act! or just want to brush up on your skills, there are several free resources available to you: Right within the Act! program you can click on the Help icon and delve into a knowledgebase that covers every feature and function in Act!. If you prefer to learn via video, there are short tutorials created by the team at Act! that cover all of the basics at https://training-act.com/act/act-lib-prem/. If you use this resource, make sure you choose the correct library for your

Quotewerks Run-time error '-2146233088

If you ever get a Run-time error '-2146233088 when attempting to open Quotewerks, the error is telling you that you have not logged into Act.  What often is going on is Act is sitting on another screen at the Logon menu. The menu may be hidden behind another application. Finish opening Act and then re-open Quotewerks.

Quick Tip Friday - Detail view missing from Act Cloud or Web

Ever had the contact or group detail view empty on Act for Cloud or Act for Web? Then your web/browser cache is full. It doesn't have enough space to load the views.

Solution: Run History and Cache cleanup in your browser tools or settings.

Act, Quotewerks and Quickbooks - Match made in heaven

The current crisis forcing many companies to work remotely has made companies look at alternatives for doing business.  We have gotten dozens of calls on how to set up CRM access, and how to manage quoting.  For many customers, this has caused them to take a really hard look at their current quoting process, especially if it's Excel or Word documents.  What worked in the past is no longer working. The crisis is making them finally look into more automated or improved processes.

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